Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hayfever Inspiration

I've blogged about designer Jeffrey Bilhuber's summer home, Hayfever before. But recently, I've been incredibly inspired by it once again.

Particularly this room. Adjacent to the entry, this reception room has had many different uses. I'm not sure who snapped this photo, or when it was taken, but I believe that it was prior to any of the future changes that we'll talk about below.

House Beautiful featured it in 2010 above, looking pretty as a sitting room with a center table piled with books and a towering fern. At this point, the room had a bit more color and was quite a bit more furnished. Jeffrey Bilhuber is known as the king of pattern and color, probably even better at it than Miles Redd, mixing them with confidence and an unerring eye. The walls here a happy robin's egg blue, with red curtains and accent inside of the built in from the late 1700s, original to the home. Sunny yellow slipcovers on the antique chairs, and a tufted sofa in a rich eggplant. I mean ... if you sat out to put a room together, would you even begin to source such a color combination? I wouldn't - but look at how beautiful it is ... gorgeous and effortless, not to mention comfortable and charming. 

Photographed for his own book, the room is a bit more styled here. If you have any of his books, you'll notice that the rooms are always styled with a "Bilhuber" look. There's nothing perfectly aligned. Chairs are always pulled out.  Plants and flowers are always abundant. The rooms feel warm and lovingly lived in. 

With the "new look" I've got going on at the apartment, I've turned to my library of design books, taking in all of the beautiful inspiration from designers like Jeffrey. His books are a feast of inspiration, be it styling options, fabric pairings, pattern pairings, lighting ... you name it. If it has anything to do with interiors, Jeffrey's books are sure to offer inspiration.

At this point, my apartment is really just in waiting mode. I'm waiting for curtains, slipcovers, and a few smaller pieces of furniture. The slipcovers and curtains are planned, fabric is purchased, and it's really just a matter of getting them done. The furniture is on it's way (most of it anyway) and there are a couple of really beautiful pieces that need to find an upholsterer to make them sing. 

But take note of this Bilhuber beauty ... and if you're wondering what direction I'm headed, this should offer you a little hint! Cheers for now. You can purchase Jeffrey's books via the links below! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Coveritis Cured

Sneak Peek at the Living Room Redo

In 2011, my friend Joni blogged about a word: CoveritisThe definition varies, but the idea is that coveritis is a condition one suffers when they strive to always be ready for a photo that will land them on the cover of a magazine. Coveritis is a serious condition, that can lead to bankruptcy, divorce, and blog decimation. I'm sorta not kidding. 

I will FULLY admit that I suffered from an extreme case of coveritis. It was bad. Like medical textbook - youTube video bad! When I decorated my apartment the first time, my main goal was to be affirmed by the glossy pages of a magazine. That, dear friends, never happened. So, when I sold all of that to embark on the house-purchase journey which now seems as though it's just not destined to be, I decided that the next iteration of design in my home will be for me. If people like it, great! If they don't, so what - I'm the only one who lives here - and the dogs like what I tell them to like

So, with a meager budget (I'm still saving for the house that may fall out of the sky) I've started to redesign the space, making room for a Cross Bottle studio that is desperately needed since I gave up my lease at the art space I had been making them in. After a lot of work, and a lot of searching, it's finally starting to come together - and boy is it different! 

Bold. Blue. Beautiful. 

I'll hopefully have a few photos for you in the coming days - but you can always check out my Instagram for pics! This weekend's chores include: building a wall (yep, a real wall!) and making slipcovers for the chairs on either side of the fireplace! Wish me luck!