Monday, August 7, 2017

Beyond Beautiful

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. William Rankin McLure posts pictures of his Birmingham, Alabama loft on his insanely popular Instagram, I want to grab a box of matches and set my place a blaze.

Recently, William had talented photographer Hector Manuel Sanchez take photos of the loft, and they are beyond beautiful.



  1. Do what you like, don't worry about anyone else. No author, artist, or musician creates in a vacuum. We all "stand on the shoulders" of the people that came before us. Before Joni and Mark Sikes there was Billy Baldwin, before him were Sister Parish and John Fowler, before them the great English and French homes......before all that the Greek! Maybe they were original.....or maybe got some of it from Egypt, etc. It's all just for beauty, enjoyment, and fun. Enjoy!

  2. Well said. Being moved by inspiration is not "copying". To be influenced or inspired, I believe indicates you are engaged. I enjoy your blog, and your constant evolution regardless your inspiration. Dare to create, also inspire others. After all, who wants a stale house, life, self?